Did our Masterplan take the actual acceleration and technology into account?

Since many, many years, our brain evolved into a magnificent instrument like we know it today. A first type of brain saw light about 500 million years ago, and we sometimes call it our reptilian or our lizzard brain. At that moment in evolution a first kind of coordination center was needed in order to make sure that the movements of the left paw were in sync with those of the right paw. In evolutionary terms, this was the creation of a first brain and this brain evolved till this day on, related to the challenges and experience our ancestors had to deal with. When animals started living in groups a new type of brain appeared, the limbic or emotional brain. This brain dealt with our position in a group and the emotions this step brought along. But the biggest step came with the development of the neo-cortex and we started to be able to execute more and more complex functions. Especially the development of the prefrontal neo-cortex has been a major leap since this is the part of our brain that makes us human! Thanks to the Prefrontal Neo Cortex we are able to think logically, to put things into perspective, to act in a social way, to plan, to regulate our emotions and to control our impulses. Wow, a civilised society was about to be born!

Since this human part of our brain, the PFC, is very recent, the old structures don’t trust it and they take over when they feel danger (see my earlier post on the lizard brain). The ongoing pressure in our today’s environment has the same effect as the danger experienced by our ancestors hunting on the steppe and as a result of this this human part of our brain is losing grip. This happens in  politics (can you think of an example :-)) as well as in our organisations. Macho behaviour is all around, short term thinking is hot and our emotions and impulses run free.

You can ask yourself whether we are at a critical point in our evolution? Are we going back to the good old days of our instinctive , stimulus-respons ancestors? Do we allow our gorilla’s on the steering wheel of our lives? I’m convinced that there is only one way forward if we want to evolve as a society, as a company, and that is by continuing to develop our human brain, our PFC, further. This by paying more attention to listening, to long-termplanning, to our focus, to taking breaks, to single-tasking instead of multi-tasking, …no matter how popular the opposites are.

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