Walking is good for our brain. We all know the benefits of walking (and exercise in general) for our health, but only recently scientists revealed that the benefits are even greater. The American scientist Wendy Suzuki nearly devotes her life to the relationship between exercise and the brain. The results so far show that aerobic exercises influence the mood (serotonin, see the runner’s high) but also the fundamental structure itself of the brain. To be more specific, exercise stimulates neurogenesis, meaning that our brain litteraly grows while doing your daily walk. In other words, we build more neurons while we exercise!

Let’s walk the talk: on Saturday, November 18 I will go for a 2 hours walk in the beautiful Hageland Region (Wezemaal, Flemish Brabant). This will be great for my brain, but even better if other people would join me (social contact is another factor that stimulates neurogenesis). So, you are more than welcome to join me that afternoon. I’m sure we will have a great chat about exercise and our brain. Make sure you are at 14.30h on the “Wezemaalplein” in Wezemaal (parking available on this same square). Click here to subscribe. Just show up!