Our gorilla is afraid and does not want us to leave our safe place at home. By doing so, he avoids criticism and nobody can hurt us. This is how the gorilla also kept Loïs Bisschop in a very strong grip! Although this is human, Lois’ unfortunate reaction was to tame this bigger guy…….with alcohol! By doing so, she felt less shyness and she could live (and party :-)) again she discovered one morning that she had a very serious addiction. I was lucky to meet Loïs recently at a presentation in Amsterdam. When I simply asked her what she did before her answer struck me: “I was busy writing a book about my alcohol addiction and how I struggled to get rid of it”. Wow, not the everyday chit chat “how are you doing” introduction but a very brave woman who went through hard times learning to control her gorilla. That’s why I immediately invited her as a guest speaker on our conference op November, 23.

More information about Loïs: www.loisbisschop.nl.