A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to get to know Joost Callens. Joost is the inspiring CEO of  Durabrik (see testimonial in my book Birdie Leadership). A couple of weeks ago, I participated at a congres at Microsoft where Joost gave a presentation. What struck me in this presentation is the importance he attached to the word “really”. Who am I “really”? How do I “really” want to lead the organisation?

This camee back to my mind looking at the picture above. This picture is the photofinish of the Belgian Championship cycling. As you can see a very close finish! Oliver Naesen took the jersey by giving all he has and pushing his bike forward in the last meter. Well done, Olie! For me, it was a good example of the difference between wanting something and “really” wanting something. Between winning and “really” winning!

What is the importance of this word for you?

  • Do you really love what you do?
  • Do you really have an impact on your team?
  • Are you really there for your loved ones?
  • Is this really what my customers want?
  • Are there really no other options?
  • Is it really true?
  • …really….