During the mating season of the deer (September, beginning of October) with your MT to the Belgian Ardennes? These wild animals offer us a mirror for our own behaviour as leaders. What can we learn from the local forester? How dominant/submissive do I behave towards my team, towards my colleagues?  How can I work with my brain and not against it?

 Mind your Brain organizes your unique teammeeting in St. Hubert during the months of September/October. 

 We start each workshop with introducing a special visitor…. the animal in our brain. After dinner we visit the attic of forester Jules and we learn about the behavior of the deer during the mating season. To make it even more real, we go for a walk into the woods searching for that impressive sound that echoes over the valleys. The next day we look at our own leadership behavior, you get individual feedback and we offer practical tips and training to deal with pressure in this hectic world. A Management Meeting that will not be forgotten! 

Dates: a couple of dates are still available:  September 18/19 , September 26/ 27 and October 3/4 . Please give us a sign as soon as possible since the mating season is only during this period.
Location: our guests are Hans and Ann in their hotel/resto L’ancien Hopital  (anno 1607) in St. Hubert (www.ancienhopital.be), a  great place to discover.
Facilitators / trainers: Rudi Francken and/or Gregory Caremans:
For more information: 0032 497 68 07 27 or rudi.francken@mindyourbrain.be