According to an old Mayan Legend, if worrying keeps you awake at night you can tell your worries to the dolls and put them under your pillow. The dolls do your worrying for you at night and you’ll sleep peacefully and awaken refreshed and peaceful in the morning.

Although we have some sympathy for this approach, we believe that this old method is no longer effective in this busy 21st century.

Since the time of the Indians, we have learned a lot about the functioning of our brain and from this we can conclude that we have more control over our destiny than we used to believe. This is the passion of Brain Academy and Mind your Brain: two organizations working with modern Indians, with professionals under pressure in this VUCA world.

This unique cooperation brings many solutions:

You still prefer the method with the worry dolls? No problem. Please provide us your feedback so that we can learn about your experience.

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